Quotes from today

  1. "I wouldn't say hardware is my passion."
  2. "You're pretty small to not be a teenager."
    My son to my not-very-tall 20 year old cousin.
  3. "MEMA GONE!!!"
    My 2 year old, panicking that she couldn't find her great grandmother.
  4. "Papa, veebooboo?"
    Translation: "Papa, would you like some vegetables?"
  5. "Stop wearing skorts."
    My brother to my mother.
  6. "Did you graduate yesterday?"
    Grandmother to @leesh63, who graduated two months ago. 🎓
  7. "Oh, yeah. I'm a rebel all the time."
  8. "You're cut off." 🍷
    @leesh63 to me. I'd had one glass of wine. She was not wrong to cut me off though.
  9. "It's a doorstop for your foot."
    @leesh63 explaining what a wedge is to her dad
  10. "I don't remember you being cute."
    Wow. Thanks, Grandma.