Scavenger Hunt

Inspired by a new student ice cream social get-to-know-you activity (that we didn't participate in). Are any of these you? If so, make a suggestion with the description that fits you. I'm looking for...
  1. β€’
    Is a teacher
  2. β€’
    Has more than five kids
  3. β€’
    Speaks more than three languages
    (Please be specific)
  4. β€’
    Lived in more than five states
    (Please be specific)
  5. β€’
    Is a dad
  6. β€’
    Has stepchildren
  7. β€’
    Is a grandparent
  8. β€’
    Recently moved to a distant state, switched jobs, bought a house, switched jobs again, made it well into adulthood without hearing the song "Mr. Roboto", and hates cheese
  9. β€’
    Found a typo in this list
    (Please be specific)
  10. β€’
    Is in high school
  11. β€’
    Posts an average of one list a day
  12. β€’
    Doesn't own a smartphone
  13. β€’
    Is adopted
  14. β€’
    Is a twin
  15. β€’
    Serves in the military
  16. β€’
    Is looking for work
  17. β€’
    Lives in New York State
  18. β€’
    Loves The League
  19. β€’
    Ever broken a bone
  20. β€’
    Is a Saints fan ⚜
  21. β€’
    Gets anxious if a workout is missed
  22. β€’
    Has been married more than twice
  23. β€’
    Can't drive
  24. β€’
    Is in a May December relationship
    (How many years apart?)
  25. β€’
    I've never broken a bone!
    😬😬😳😳 Knocking on wood over here!
    Suggested by Β  @NeighborFoodie
  26. β€’
    I ❀️ Stuff You Should Know!
    Suggested by Β  @TeenyMe
  27. β€’
    I can speed read!
    I even went to a "how to speed read" workshop when I was 15. Held at my karate club because it's an important martial arts skill??
    Suggested by Β  @bkwmkiwi
  28. β€’
    Recently graduated
    MA in music theory, MM in choral conducting ☺️
    Suggested by Β  @jennyanydots
  29. β€’
    I have lived on three continents: North America, Europe, and Asia.
    Suggested by Β  @hippiechick
  30. β€’
    I broke my left wrist about three Easters ago. Never had it pinned so I guess you can say it's still somewhat broken.
    Suggested by Β  @solitarygigi
  31. β€’
    PhD in Anthropology πŸ€“
    Suggested by Β  @ladyprofessor
  32. β€’
    I'm pregnant! 😊
    Suggested by Β  @erinflusche
  33. β€’
    I love monogramming!!!! 😍
    Suggested by Β  @MrsBurky
  34. β€’
    Oh also I'm an oldest child, and I drive a stick shift.
    Suggested by Β  @barefootmeds
  35. β€’
    I've run a marathon 😊
    Suggested by Β  @barefootmeds
  36. β€’
    I can drive a stick!
    Suggested by Β  @corksnreads
  37. β€’
    I'm a red head with a new kindergartner who's lived on 3 continents. Europe for 2 months in college, born in Asia and lived there 9 months, North America.:)
    Suggested by Β  @ashleyanwiler