1. Season finale of People of Earth
    The priest went to play a gig in Schenectady, by the outlets. (No outlets!)
  2. This.
    So cool! 🎅🏻 Apparently, Santa writes back to anyone with a return address.
  3. Will & Grace
    Can't remember exactly, but she cried something like "I'm just a nice girl from Schenectady who went to Sunday school!"
  4. Fountains of Wayne
    Suggested by @leesh63
  5. Synecdoche, New York the movie. 👍🏼
    Suggested by @jaidub
  6. "The Laws of Harmony", Judith Ryan Hendricks
    ..."when Mrs. Kozlowski's letter to her son in Schenectady turned up in the drop box with a twenty-eight-cent stamp from 1972."
  7. "If Our Bodies Could Talk", by Dr. James Hamblin
    [Discussing an NYC woman who frequently bared her breasts to study psychology and justice.] "She won $77,000 in a lawsuit against the NYPD for multiple wrongful arrests and moved upstate to Schenectady."