Show me your phone nook

Anybody have one of these?
  1. I used to love ours — it was one of the reasons we bought our home.
  2. But we don't have a landline anymore, so this "show phone" seems like a silly prop and waste of space.
  3. Any ideas what else to do with this area so I fall back in love with it? @designordie — I'm looking at you!
  4. For a bit of context, it's in the corner of our dining room... near the door to our kids' suite.
  5. 📞😊
  6. Charging station?
    Suggested by   @jennifergster
  7. Hey! I love these. I have one in one my my flips and I kept it because it's charming as all get out. I'll send a pic next time in there!
    Suggested by   @designordie