1. Me
    I didn't stack wood. Or make food. But I did pick up some extra food with my lil' sister-in-law. I shucked a few ears of corn. 🌽 I freaked out when I touched a grub in the corn. Ew.
  2. My husband
    He made delicious smashed potatoes. And stacked some wood in the afternoon.
  3. My youngest bro
    He split and stacked wood all day. But he lives there, so...
  4. Static
    She brought food. She stacked wood. She did a piss-poor job of party planning, so we didn't have enough food. But she suggested running out for more. She ended the night by texting me her gross eye though. Points deducted.
  5. Oldest brother
    He split and stacked a lot of wood. And he brought food. But he was no ray of sunshine. And I think he might have some kindling up his butt.
  6. My middle brother 🏆
    He bought the wood. He split and stacked it all day. And he also smiled. He's the best.