Welcome, @mandy25c! Here's some things you should know.
  1. @sjrockstar and I don't like olives. 🍸
    Feel free to use that information for good or evil.
  2. Every year on your fiancé's birthday, I will reminisce about crying when he was born. 😭
    I can't help it. Having a third brother was traumatizing. But at least I'm finally getting another sister out of the deal.
  3. Sometimes, you're gonna want to block certain people from seeing certain Facebook posts. Totally acceptable.
    You might even want to block me and that's totally fine, too.
  4. Need a book recommendation?
    Check with @sjrockstar, @leesh63, or Jake. Unless you like dirty books. Then check with Grandma.
  5. Always get to the table quickly when @leesh63's mom arrives. Mmmm. She brings the best appetizers.
  6. Try not to get weirded out when @sjrockstar makes boob cakes for her sons' birthdays.
    Yeah, it's odd. But she had other good qualities.
  7. Make your stuffed mushrooms frequently for our sibling dinners.
  8. If kissing on the lips is uncomfortable for you, turn your head slightly at the last second.
  9. Be careful if a game of spoons ever gets started at a family party
    Your future hubby gets a little carried away...but who am I kidding we all do.
    Suggested by @leesh63
  10. Speaking of games... @sjrockstar and Robert don't play. So... don't bother trying.
  11. Olga and Gertie are apart of the family and only make special appearances
    Suggested by @sjrockstar