Social media, according to Grandma

  1. Facebook is real-time. If you're reading it, it was just posted.
    Don't worry about the date that accompanies posts. That means nothing.
  2. Getting a new computer? Piece of cake.
    Simply create a new Facebook account! Find all of your previous friends and refriend them! Easy peasy!
  3. Network, network, network with your family.
  4. Open multiple LinkedIn accounts.
    Some of your relatives may look you up as "Grandma" and your last name. Consider an account with whatever your target audience calls you, times two. (For example: Nana Nana.)
  5. Or better yet — even though everyone calls you Grandma, use Gramma.
    Honestly, there are a lot of variations you could use. The more LinkedIn accounts you have, the easier it is to network with your family when you are retired.
  6. Don't forget to include your volunteer experience!
    Were you a Girl Scout troop leader in the 70s? For one year? Add it to your LinkedIn profile!
  7. Enjoy! 👵🏻