Little Red Writing, by Joan Holub & pictures by Melissa Sweet
  1. I mean, seriously.
  2. Puns? Check.
  3. Beautiful illustrations and gorgeous design? Double check.
    Seriously. @ashleyanwiler check it out.
  4. Inspirational quote? Check!!
  5. "Write often and carry a big notebook"
    It's come to my attention that I recommend books at a pace that is perhaps too rapid to keep up. But @MrsBurky and @OxfordCommaMomma ... please read this book!
  6. Owl for my daughter? Check.
  7. Made me think of @Boogie? Check.
  8. Cleverly teaches kids about sentence structure and storytelling? Double-check.
  9. You still looking for Christmas ideas, @hillary79? 😉
  10. Enjoy!!