1. Ohmyfuckinggoodness it takes forever to leave the house.
  2. No one will miss this refrain, which gets steadily more unhinged as it progresses: "OK, sweetie, put your shoes on please. Please put your shoes on. Shoes. Now. I said put your shoes on. On your FEET. Put your shoes on your feet. One... twoooo.....three. IF YOU DON'T PUT YOUR SHOES ON NOW WE'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!"
  3. Sunscreen is unnecessary.
  4. No need to remember stuff: snacks, waters, diaper bag, wallet, phone, etc.
  5. No sudden realization when the shoes are on that I didn't remind him to go to the bathroom.
  6. No need to unpack all the crap that was packed to leave the house.
  7. 🏡👦🏾👧🏽💕