...as my kids grow up
  1. Nap time.
  2. Reading together.
  3. Snuggling.
  4. Silly pronunciations.
  5. The crib.
  6. The build-in excuses.
    Oh, geez. Sorry. I wish I could go, but [nap time/bedtime/not feeling well, etc.]
  7. Their genuine excitement to see me.
    (If I'm going to be completely honest to all of you, I think my son has grown out of this already.)
  8. The non-stop chatter and that they want to share things with me.
    "Mommy!! Watch this!"
  9. Little toes.
  10. Her adoration.
  11. Naked booty shakes.
  12. His Lego talent.
    He can follow the complicated instructions or create his own (usually symmetrical) designs. And I am in awe that he (usually) doesn't lose his cool when he can't find the piece he needs.
  13. When she no longer creates celebrity names for everyone.
    Daddymommy, Mommydaddy, Hunterroman
  14. Her telling me I'm her best friend.
  15. When she's possessive of me and doesn't let my husband kiss me.