(It normally takes ~a half hour)
  1. Need to pick a podcast to listen to ... perfect. I have more than an hour of This American Life left.
  2. I have so much to do tonight!
  3. Ok, pick up Isla, make her go potty, head to the high school for the budget vote, tackle my impossible to-do list...
  4. Holy crap. I've been on the road for 45 minutes and I'm not even on the Thruway yet.
  5. I don't think I'm going to make it to daycare in time!
  6. My leg is killing me from holding in the clutch.
    NOTE: by clutch, I do not mean tiny handbag.
  7. Speaking of things I'm holding — I have to pee!!
  8. I hope my car doesn't break down. Why hasn't the mechanic calls us back? I swear the dealership is lying to me. The clutch doesn't feel any different.
  9. Well, good thing we aren't moving at all so I can safely call my husband and ask him to handle pick up.
  10. Well, it will be easier to vote all by myself.
  11. And I don't have to worry about whether she's going to pee on the floor.
  12. Thank goodness for podcasts!
  13. With this riveting This American Life episode, I feel like this traffic isn't bothering me at all.
  14. Crap. I'm out of This American Life!
  15. Well, we're still not moving. I can pick something else....
  16. Good choice! Note To Self. I need to read these books they're talking about!
  17. Oh, here's the accident. I hope everyone is ok.
  18. Why isn't anyone moving out of that lane! Guys, I'm giving you room! It's illegal for you NOT to move over.
  19. FINALLY!!! Happy squeals of "Mommy!!" and the smell of spinach and mushroom quesadillas! I'm home. 💕🏡