1. Biometric screening at work ... and finding out I only have 7 lbs of risky fat now.
    Slowly but surely moving in the right direction!!
  2. Days off!!
    This new use-it-or lose it policy at work is kind of nice.
  3. Half day to hang out with my son.
  4. Roadtrip at work wasn't bad (I'd been dreading it).
  5. My kids got to see Papa in his birthday. 🎉
  6. A weekend that started off rough was pretty darned good overall.
  7. Day before a day off that didn't leave me super-stressed out.
  8. Lunch at Pizza Hut with my son: cash in his first Book It! award! 🍕📚
  9. A wonderful, much-needed yoga class. Eating at a trendy restaurant with my colleagues, in a cool city I don't venture into often.
  10. The start of a three-day weekend.
  11. Finally made time to visit my grandmother.
  12. The science festival at our local children's museum.
  13. Took a small, unused dresser out of our coat closet and moved it into my son's room for his Lego / K'nex collection.
    His room is clean!! Easier to keep clean!! And I can fit a few more pairs of shoes in the closet.
  14. Super-productive day at work.
    I 💚 my job.
  15. Wore a pre-baby dress ... and got a lot of compliments!
  16. It's my husband's birthday! We hung out most of the day ... and I managed not to be a jerk to him even once!
    I've been ridiculously stressed out lately, so this is kind of a big accomplishment.
  17. A super-productive day off and a better state of mind.
  18. Amazing kettleball class.
  19. Some legit Me Time outside of the house.
    (And the pizza my husband was making when I came home.)
  20. A loved one in the hospital is doing ok.
  21. Nice visit with my brother.
  22. My husband had a really great meeting. 🤗
    I have a good feeling about this. Fingers crossed. Happy thoughts.
  23. My uncle made me laugh so hard when I visited him at the hospital.
    I was expecting a very sad / uncomfortable visit.
  24. Wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and their families. 🍁🍂🍗 My stepson is home from college and I love seeing how much he and his little brother and sister adore each other. 💕
  25. Had fun grocery shopping with my son for his birthday party food.
  26. Despite my half-assing his party, my son had a great time.
    It helps that I've set the bar low every year.
  27. Watching Finding Dory with my kids, snuggled up under fleece blankets. 🐠🐟
    (Thanks, @mandy25c!)
  28. Reading a giant stack of books with my kids.
    (Also for being back at work after a long weekend. Sometimes it's a little more relaxing than being home. 😝)
  29. A nearly-perfect half day: complete with Me Time, Christmas shopping, finishing a book, taking a high-intensity training class, and crossing some stuff off of my to-do list.
  30. Today I registered for a 5-day conference. My first time traveling alone. My first time without my kids. I'm so excited!!
    I also took a networking training session at work today lead by a friend. Can't wait to put my new skills to use!