Thoughts on a play date with an athletic trainer (and her kids)

  1. Damn it, seriously? Why is it impossible for me to park within the lines these days?!
  2. No sense in fixing it now. She already saw you do it.
  3. OOooOooO!! Maybe I should ask her about my sprained ankle!
  4. No, that's tacky.
  5. Hmmm.... but it IS still pretty fat. Maybe she could just tell me if I'm supposed to be wrapping it when I work out still.
  6. Or icing it. Should I still be doing that...?
  7. And when can I stand up in spin?
    I tried it the other day, and after it looked like my ankle was wearing an innertube.
  8. Am I going to make it worse if I do too much too soon?
  9. And what about high heels?!
  10. Man. I miss my shoes.
  11. Seriously. Our kids are SO cute together.
  12. Do not mess this up by asking for free medical advice.