1. Spent most of my vacation sick or with sick kids/husband.
  2. Just colds/fever, so I really shouldn't complain.
  3. But I am.
  4. We didn't get to do so much of the fun stuff I had planned. Or the productive stuff. Or workout.
  5. I'm up in the middle of the night because I can't breathe or stop coughing.
  6. Again, I shouldn't complain. It's a cold. And the kind where it's mostly annoying at night and I feel generally ok while upright.
  7. But if I knew I wasn't going to sleep at all tonight, I wish I had watched more episodes of The Glass Castle with my husband.
  8. We are expecting a big snow storm...one the one day this week I have to go to work.
  9. My husband got into a car accident today, so now the next week is a bit annoying because we aren't sure how quickly his car will be fixed.
    Everyone is safe. It wasn't his fault. It was close enough to home that my kids could walk home while they waited for the police report, etc.
  10. This week is my daughter's last at daycare. Monday was a holiday, today she was out sick, not sure if she'll be able to go tomorrow, and I'm guessing Friday will be a snow day.
  11. And to top it off, the guilt of complaining about my not-really-all-that-bad situation is making me feel like a jerk.
  12. Here's to one final good vacation day!