1. 😭 The little boy at the museum. My daughter snatched a giant Lego from him.
    I gave it back immediately. And she said "I sorry" a zillion times, but neither the kid nor his parents could hear it over his wailing.
  2. 😐 Not me, when my son carefully listed everyone he loves and I wasn't on the list. Then, as if I hadn't noticed, he pointed out that he didn't love me.
  3. 😝 Not my daughter, despite me using my I-Am-NOT-Fucking-Around voice in a (wildly unsuccessful) attempt to make her realize that she needs to Listen and Not Run Into The Parking Lot.
  4. 😭💦💦 Me, when we got home from the playground and museum and saw husband mopped. All I wanted to do was go to the bathroom, eat some cheese, and clean up a little. Instead, I knocked a frame off the wall, broke it, had to pull a shard* of glass out of my heel, and bled all over the floor.
    *For the sake of this story, I'm sticking with "shard", even though "tiny shard" is probably more accurate. But, damn, it was thick!
  5. 😭☔️