1. Number of cute little sisters dropped off at daycare: 1
  2. Number of times through the path behind the library: 2
  3. Items borrowed from the library: 32
  4. Fresh-baked banana-oatmeal power cookies eaten: approx. 4 per perpson
  5. Letters expertly drawn and individually cut out: 5
    Look at that e!! He's 5. This is amazing. 😊✂️
  6. Cups of coffee: 2
  7. Number of times we screamed in the echo-y bathroom: 3
  8. So big we thought it was fake. It wasn't.
  9. Number of tires filled with air: 2
  10. Number of tires mostly deflated not even halfway through our journey: 1
  11. Kid with parents who have failed him: this guy
    He could totally be riding a 2-wheeler if we were more dedicated.
  12. Number of times we collectively screamed on the bike path: 3
    We saw two snakes. 🐍🐍
  13. What this was called at the beginning of our walk: kahzebo
  14. Number of extremely leisurely minutes of "exercise" we got today: approx. 60
  15. Confusing rules: most of these
    I'm a Rules Girl, but I didn't drink, start a fire, or litter! 😬🍻🔥🔥
  16. Unexplained spherical objects: just this one
    It doesn't look like an egg (plus, it was huge!), but it's too oblong to be a ball...?
  17. Leaves crunched: countless
  18. Skulls crushed: 1 💀
    Oh... poor squirrel!! And the sickening noise reverberated in my head for a long time...
  19. One of the most out-of-the-blue questions today: "What does 'articulate' mean?"
  20. Number of pages I read on the playground: 0
    Number of times I took my book out of my bag and opened it: 3
  21. Items crossed off my to do list: so many more than I expected!!
  22. Happy Momma: 1 💕