1. Started with a big computer problem; I got so frustrated that it's possible I may have gotten a little teary.
    Or maybe more than a little. 😢 Which is fantastic because there's a window into the hall right by my desk. Luckily, I have giant monitors. I lowered my chair to hide behind them.
  2. I went to get Second Breakfast out of the fridge... and someone had knocked milk/cream all over.
    I didn't see my bag was sitting in a puddle, so I got it all over. A good friend saw me and helped clean up the mess.
  3. I participated in a 24-hour fitness challenge at work to raise money for one of my favorite organizations. 💕
  4. I ran 3.7 miles. And I got to ring a cow bell, scream, and shake some pom poms.
  5. Nothing better than being ENCOURAGED to scream at work when work is making you want to scream.
  6. It was so fun. And it felt great.
    Plus, I have some awesome coworkers!
  7. I was interviewed by our local TV station.
    I started to cry during the interview, too. 😢 Yikes. I don't usually cry this much.
  8. When I saw the clip on TV, I realized I need to get fitted for some new sports bras. 😳
    Yikes. But, I did just win a $100 gift card at work to my favorite running store!!
  9. Went to Harry Potter Night at my son's school.
    We had So. Much. Fun.