1. [I typed a very long list and somehow lost most of it. So, here's what didn't disappear. AMA, if you're curious.]
  2. My stepson and I wore disguises...
    (Look at my tiny Beetlejuice head!)
  3. There's no disguising his height, so I thought for sure my son would know us immediately.
  4. I tried to make it as hard as possible (my co-guest is wearing his dad's boots, I'm wearing shoes and pants that I don't think my son has ever seen, and I'm wearing two winter coats to add some bulk).
    But I really thought he'd know immediately.
  5. The kids get to raise their hand and ask yes or no questions (which the guests answer by nodding or shaking their head).
  6. @pathb The kids were only allowed to ask yes or no questions. We nodded or shook our heads in response.
  7. @jennifergster I think they do one a week or so. We were the first double-feature.
    My son has been bugging me to sign up, but I signed up ages ago and refused to tells in whether or not I was doing it because it's a "mystery". The waiting was TORTURE!!
  8. @Boogie Going through life with a tiny head is ok. The rough part is giving birth to a kid with a head as big as my co-guest. Glad I'm just his stepmom, if you catch my meaning.