Thanks, @mallofamanda!
  1. Each month's box would be custom doodled on and beautifully packaged.
    Opening it will feel magical. You will be delighted by the thought and care that went into it and you won't want to throw any of the wrapping away.
  2. A list of all items included in the box.
    There will also be a for each month.
  3. A doodle.
    Probably about my kids.
  4. A box of markers.
    Or sidewalk chalk. Something to get you doodling.
  5. A cool and/or beautiful little sketch book.
  6. Sugru.
    I just love this stuff. Different color every month.
  7. One of my favorite fictional books.
    Or maybe one from the list I want to read, but haven't gotten around to yet.
  8. A non-fiction book that I found memorable.
    This would be on a quarterly basis only. I don't want this subscription to feel like homework. (Definitely on the list: 1491. Holy crap, America!)
  9. Eight months of the year (the non-non-fiction months), a children's book will be included. Only gorgeous and/or funny books that will also resonate with adults. Feel free to read and regift to your favorite little person. Want a sneak peek? Children's books I'd include in the Doodler19 monthly subscription box 📦📚
    Note: subscribers will fill out a brief survey before receiving their first box. Anyone who is staunchly anti-child or desperately trying to conceive can opt out of this part. They will receive instead a humorous book.
  10. A sweet treat and a salty treat.
    Salted caramels will definitely be included at some point — but don't worry, I won't pass this off as two treats.
  11. Flavored coffee.
  12. A lovely greeting card, illustrated by a different li.ster every month. (Ahem, @boygirlparty!)
  13. Inexpensive wine.
    Like my favorite — Relax.
  14. A Venn diagram or some other infographic.
  15. Something fitness-related.
    Could be a great sports bra (Fiona!), wicking socks, hair ties, a Yoga strap, etc.
  16. Each box will contain an owl as a tribute to my obsessed little girl.
    Could be subtle (a reference in one of the books) or more overt (the focus of the greeting card). Make sure you find all 12!