Dear Target:
  1. Yesterday I went on a big shopping spree, with two less-than-cooperative kids in tow...
  2. ✂️📓✏️🖍🖌🗂
  3. ...and later last night my husband let me know about a big 10% off everything sale you're having all day Sunday.
  4. That's not your fault that I didn't see or hear any of your ads.
  5. I get that.
  6. But today I decided to cut into my rare Me Time to take advantage of your big sale.
  7. I loaded my cart up with $60 worth of diapers,* among other a plethora of other things...
  8. And overheard the tiniest bit of conversation while trying to pick out a lunch box.
  9. I fucking need to *text* you for a stupid coupon code?!
  10. I don't have a smartphone, you jerk.
  11. Also, why don't I have cell service in your store? That has driven me crazy for years.
  12. I had to cut into my Me Time to return this crap back where it belongs, because FU.
  13. But the only one getting punished here is me.
  14. I now have to spend more time buying this stuff online (because, damn it, I'm getting that 10% you promised!)...
  15. And when it gets here now I'll have to waste time breaking down boxes...
  16. Tomorrow I'll have to wear a ponytail since my hair straightener broke and now I'll have to wait for my new one to arrive in the mail.
  17. *And while we're at it, I hate your stupid "deals" with diapers. You have to spend a ridiculous amount to get the deal. And then it's just a gift card for next time.
  18. 😡