We all know the obvious: the crying baby passenger or Bluetooth headset wearers or anyone between the age 22 and 23, but here's a quick rundown of the less obvious...
  1. You call someone. They text back, "What do you want?"
  2. Those sneaky decoy arrows on a webpage slideshow that trapdoors to advertisements.
  3. When people expect you to say "Bless you" after they sneeze, and on top of that, get mad if you don't say it. (I'd rather pin a four-leaf clover on a unicorn's tail for the hope of good health and 2 weeks of rain #SuperstitionSarcasm)
  4. Sundays being on the left side of calendars. Put it on the right. The end of the week. Thanks. (And yes, I acknowledge the historical significance)
  5. Water automatically being served with a nasty cliffhanging lemon chunk. I didn't order that... Unless there's Tito's next to the sugar packets on the table.
  6. Sports fans that mindlessly say "Insert Team/Athlete... sucks!!!" (No, you suck.)
  7. People who are offended by language, no matter the context. Context is the fucking key.
  8. When the next person in line (i.e. the airport, Chipotle, Starbucks, etc.) is looking down at their phone.
  9. When the next person in line (i.e. above i.e.'s) doesn't know what to do or ask for. "Oh you need my license ANDDD my boarding pass??"
  10. Motorists who angrily blare the horn if you don't allow them to execute the "Pittsburgh Left"
  11. The notion that cats are awesome.