Eighty to ninety percent of the brainpower I exert on a typical day of mine involves random thoughts. I started to write them down. This day was January 21, 2016.
  1. Ariana Grande dating Big Sean is like if Emily Rios ever dated River Phoenix.
  2. How I never know the proper etiquette of how to greet the average female acquaintance. Do I shake her hand hello? Or do I full-fledge hug her? Or is it a one-arm side-hug? Do I give her a high five? Or do I simply wave from 3 feet away? Who knows. Unsolved mystery.
  3. Speaking of unsolved mysteries, aren't all mysteries unsolved? Because if it were solved, then it wouldn't be a mystery.
  4. How well Alex Trebek would do on his own game show. He'd clean up, right?
  5. How amazing the actors/actresses are in the music video "Turn Down For What". Straight face pulled it off, simply fantastic.
  6. About the diversity of products that Bridgestone makes: 1.) Tires. Duh. 2.) Bicycles. Oh, ok. 3.) Golf clubs and golf balls? That's like if Goodyear also made pogo-sticks.
  7. The exact number of people on Earth pogo-sticking exactly at this moment. Or making their bed. Or listening to Savage Garden. Or thinking of a lie. Or sharpening a pencil. Or trying to slide the slimy bacon back into the plastic sleeve package. Or reverse-autocorrecting "ducking". Or talking out-loud to themselves. Or trying to free a stuck zipper.
  8. Some < Full ... but, Awesome > Awful.
  9. "I will protest this decision." = "I will contest this decision."
  10. How dancing fascinates me. It's simply your natural reaction to the sound of music. But having rhythm is the wildcard, because rhythm is a dancer.
  11. How the creation of a butterfly fascinates me as well. Do caterpillars actually know how awesome their life is going to be? Do they know they'll be able to fly?!?! Unreal.
  12. Bye bye.