Eighty to ninety percent of the brainpower I exert on a typical day of mine involves random thoughts. I started to write them down. This day was February 18, 2016.
  1. About people who lick their fingers in order to turn a page. Your fingers can't taste good and there has to be a better way.
  2. Getting songs stuck in your head is commonplace. But I think songs accompanied with their music video can get stuck too. Proof with me is Ciara's "Ride". Holy heaven, like 6 years straight stuck.
  3. How scary it is to see lightning for the average person today.. Imagine the very first human (Neanderthal, Hominid, whatever) seeing it and needing to wash the loin cloth immediately after.
  4. How as society, we still have to pixelate middle fingers shown on TV.
  5. That even on the good ol' radio, "I work my ass off" has to be bleeped out too. Grow up.
  6. About people who say, "I love food". Yes, how profound. Everyone does.
  7. How everyone loves food from food trucks, right? So why can't they drive around neighborhoods, play awesome music and attract customers like ice cream trucks do?
  8. Why it's taking so long to have a Supermarket Sweep reboot? Have Tila Tequila host it, I don't even care.
  9. How I want to learn how to moonwalk by my brother's wedding.
  10. That's it. Wonder Wednesday in the books.