Eighty to ninety percent of the brainpower I exert on a typical day of mine involves random thoughts. I started to write them down. This day was June 8, 2016.
  1. That I've never heard the original song "Ignition" by R Kelly. I've only heard the remix to it.
  2. Is it littering if you throw a dulled-up toothpick out the window?
  3. Why aren't there female leprechauns?
  4. That climbing the Aggro-Crag on GUTS is still on my bucket list.
  5. When someone asks you "Can I ask you something?" ... Who actually replies with "No".
  6. How I'm upset at myself for not thinking of the joke, "So why are they called vets? ... Shouldn't they be called dogtors?"
  7. How often people include blind carbon copies (BCC) in emails - because I never do and I'm always paranoid that people do all the time.
  8. People saying "Let me be honest" and/or "In all honesty" in a conversation are ironically red flags for me.
  9. If there are houses with front door locks just like hotels with the key cards.
  10. If I'll ever see the day where sugar will have a daily value percentage on the nutrition facts label.
  11. If a monkey, who is sign-language capable, witnesses a crime, can it be questioned by police?
  12. How people avoided eye-contact before looking down at their smart phones.
  13. How drivers get viciously upset when other drivers pull the same exact move they would do.
    i.e., sneak into the lane right before an exit, ride someone's tail, etc.
  14. When being tested at my greatest skill, whatever that may be, if I could handle the same distractions at Hugh Jackman did during his test in the movie "Swordfish".
  15. How amazingly there will be a presidential candidate who was asked "Who do you consult regarding foreign policy?" And that presidential candidate replied, "I'm speaking with myself, because I have a very good brain and I've said a lot of things."
  16. Go Pens.