1. That the first time I heard an angel was Mya's verse in "Ghetto Superstar"
  2. That Monday the 13th has to be worse than Friday the 13th.
  3. What was that thing that Meat Loaf wouldn't do for love?
  4. How I feel like no one partakes in picnics anymore. Like one-on-one ones.
  5. Yes I know you can simply send a video chat, but why can't you leave a voicemail-video after a missed FaceTime call attempt?
  6. If ICQ was the first messaging program that had the technology of "Person is typing."
  7. Why is it, around the midpoint of a season, that people start to say that they "CANNOT WAIT" until the next season? Mid-summer, people can't wait til fall. Mid-fall, people can't wait til snow. Mid-winter, well duh. Just enjoy the now.
  8. The fool-proof answer to the question, "If you had one wish, what would it be?" is obviously, The ability to grant your own wishes.
  9. That the song "Let Me Clear My Throat" has to be the only live-version, one-hit wonder.
  10. How regretful The Black Eyed Peas must feel about the original song title of "Let's Get It Started"
  11. Why would there ever be used paper towels in bathroom garbage can... That are dry.
  12. When something's "a fraction of the cost"... Idk what that means because literally any amount could be a fraction of the original cost. What if it's 7/3rd's of the cost? Then you're screwed.
  13. How insane it was to allow smoking on airplanes. And, how airlines still need to remind us, along with the seatbelt light, that you can't light up a cig anymore.
  14. How I don't care how refreshing and delicious crab legs and pomegranates are. The ratio of effort-to-sustenance-to-satisfaction is too off-kilter for me.
  15. How the "Beer Mile" should be part of the decathlon in the next Summer Olympic Games.
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  16. Love yourself, and love somebody else. Bye bye.