1. If "sammies" are a common moniker for sandwiches, why aren't "sallies" a nickname for salads?
    Cafes can have a cute lunchtime or happy hour special and call it "When Sammy Met Sally... 10 Bucks."
  2. That when someone says I'm truly "one in a million" - I don't take it as a compliment because knowing there's over 7 billion people in the world, there would be at least 7,000 people just like me.
  3. If the proper etiquette of a missed call and no voicemail left = No call back?
  4. That companies who have workers at an office/warehouse and have them clock out for lunch - the employee should get a lunch allowance of quarter or half of their hourly rate to eat food and retain brain power for the rest of their productive and awesome day.
  5. How I'm always afraid of slipping and finishing Biggie's lyric when using the following sentence in normal conversations, "If you don't know, now you know."
  6. Who is actually interested to listen to people talk about their fantasy football team(ssssss).
    I'm only interested if your fantasy team is down 80 points with one game left and you comeback to win by 0.1 on a tipped Hail Mary in overtime.. in the rain.
  7. Why people do this: You're driving, on cruise control, and a car passes you - no problem, everyone's happy. But, once they pass, they merge into the slow lane in front of you and SLOW DOWN. Then you, still in cruise control, pass THEM... just a minute later.
  8. When Snapchat will force you to watch their ads.
  9. That if you have a cat in the car and you throw it out the window, is that kitty litter?
  10. If anyone else's heart aches and mind numbs when you see a couple sitting down at a restaurant/cafe/bar, and they're both looking down at their phones at the same time. Enjoy the atmosphere and each other for eff's sake.
  11. That declaring "I won't make any promises!"... is actually a promise.
  12. The simplicity of this statement, "Either we're alone in the universe, or we aren't."
  13. Be kind. Work hard. Do your best and forget the rest.