1. If 'laying on your left side' was my family's own remedy to accelerate the digestive wheels after a large meal, or was that a southwest PA/Pittsburgh tradition? Or is this known worldwide?
  2. In the history of mail and life, someone writes a letter of unspoken love or a letter extending a generous invitation, and they place in a mailbox. How many times has that letter been misplaced or lost or stolen and the person simply thought the recipient just declined to respond? Holy butterfly effect.
  3. If anyone eats the strings off a peeled banana without hesitation or disgust.
  4. If fruit salads will ever become so popular that we'll have to call the typical salad, "vegetable salads"
  5. Of any single percentage of a phone's entire battery life from 1 to 100%, the very last percent seems to last the longest. If only every other percentage worked just as hard...
  6. That there should be an iron-clad law that forbids people to sleep in airplane aisle seats.
  7. If anyone else thinks that "Let's Get Married" by Jagged Edge/Rev Run is a perfect karaoke song.
  8. If everyone uses the "power of perspective" to readjust their definition of what a "bad day" is.
    Last night, I read an article about how grandmothers in Kenya are being trained in martial-arts in order to fight off rapists. They're being raped more often now because they're less likely to have STDs. Yes, this is our world.
  9. If No.2 pencils are demanded to be used for testing as much today as they were when I was in school. That specific lead-type was more important than the test results themselves it seemed.
  10. I wait so often for emails to be replied to, that I wish that the "text-bubbles" pop up so I know they're writing a response.
  11. How someone could move to a city in a broke-down car.
    See lyrics: "Closer" by The Chainsmokers
  12. How awkward the San Francisco football team name would be if they discovered gold 20 years later.
  13. Be good, stay positive. Make next month Yesvember.