My mind keeps percolating... Another one.
  1. There is normal staring, then there is those times where you just brain-freeze stare at nothing until someone has to snap you outta it. I think it's the human brain attempting to enter the 4th or 5th dimension - and we're just not evolved enough to get there yet.
  2. Why is the letter "J" in almost every informal initial-name. There's AJ, BJ, CJ, DJ, EJ, JJ, PJ, RJ, TJ, JT, JR, JP, JD, JC, etc-etc-etc. Unless your name is BB King, I guess, then it's nearly impossible to not have a J.
  3. When we'll able to hashtag emojis on social media.
  4. If doing the Hand Jive is just limited to the song "Hand Jive", if you can do the Macarena to songs other than the Macarena, break out The Dougie while Will2K jams out... and so on.
  5. How people use the words "conservative" and "liberal" in their conversations, and actually think they'll achieve empathy, perspective, commonality, compromise, and common ground on any issue ever. An instant wall is created and sides are already settled when those words are uttered.
  6. If I could somehow see a highlight reel of my best plays in all of the pickup games I've ever played - hockey, football, basketball, ping-pong, pool, whatever.
  7. If flight attendants, on professional sports teams flights, have to give their instructional in-case-of-emergency rundown.
  8. How the "Battle of the Bastards" episode in Game of Thrones gave my favorite TV episode of all-time a real run of its money - Breaking Bad's pilot. It did however, surpass the "I'm So Excited" episode from Saved By The Bell.
  9. That Christmas Eve should fall on the 2nd to last Thursday of the year. Then Christmas on Friday. And a normal weekend to recover. Every. Single. Year.
  10. If unsure or hesitant of something, remember that no one will care in 100 years. *Insert Nike slogan* Bye bye.