1. That skyscrapers should actually be called skypokers.
  2. How wing nights are overrated. Why do I have to go to a jam-packed bar, wait 30 minutes for a dozen wings, which will most likely have a lower quality fry and cook-time since they're pumping them out nonstop - when I can just go the day before and pay 60 cents extra.
  3. If anyone else's IPhone got tired of autocorrecting to "ducking" and switched to "tucking" like mine has.
  4. If it's still tap water after leaving the tap, is it still called bottled water if it leaves the bottle?
  5. If we have the technological capability of tracking and predicting tornadoes because of the floaty-ball frackers with hand-cut bloodied Diet Pepsi can wings from the movie Twister? Or hasn't someone ghost-driven a red Dodge Ram into the belly of an F5 tornado yet?
  6. How I'm not a grammar Nazi - but I'm overly annoyed at possessions when there aren't any. "Here We Go Steeler's!" Just, no.
  7. Ok, maybe I am one. Because when people say "irregardless" - do they actually mean to say "regardless"? If so, why the eff are you saying "ir" beforehand?
  8. Can a person be angry when whistling?
  9. That McDonald's Egg McMuffin has ham on it and the Sausage Egg McMuffin has sausage on it. When did ham become that special of a meat to simply be an implied component of a sandwich?
  10. Happy 1 Month Trump. 😐