1. Who else, besides me, must remove all of the red notification bubbles amongst their IPhone app displays.
  2. How I'm amazed of the brain when you try to think of something, that you KNOW you know the answer and it takes 5-6-7 or 8 full seconds until the lightbulb pops on. Like, what is happening chemically in the brain to arrive at the answer? Amazing.
  3. To a degree, we're all Wolverine. Our bodies can heal themselves - and it's remarkable.
  4. The often-said phrase, "It is what it is" - what else could it be?
  5. How facts still can't seem to change one's worldview. Comfort and ease above all.
  6. I don't eat sweets, but do they still make Blowpops? And do they still cut up the roof of your mouth if you spin it around your mouth and/or suck too hard?
  7. How I'm so mad that I didn't think of - "Shouldn't the roof of your mouth be called the ceiling of your mouth?" Dang.
  8. In a group text of all IPhone users, that you still should be able to see the 'person is typing' ellipse.
  9. Who actually clicks on the Facebook ads?
  10. How I hate when someone is asked "What do you believe will happen, or what do you think about so and so?" And they reply, "I don't know." Or "How am I supposed to know that?" Yo bro, you don't need to justifiably "know" something in order to express your own personal thoughts on the matter.
  11. How the most underrated challenge of my day is the inner, back-and-forth, yes-and-no, try-to-fall-asleep, mind-wrenching debate of whether or not to leave my insanely comfortable bed to walk down the hall and go potty. It's every single day. I should just sleep on the floor.
  12. Onto the next.