1. The number of people pretending to know the words of the song 'Despacito'
  2. If people have goodbye mats instead of welcome mats outside their front 🚪
  3. Orrrr, create an ambigram doormat where it says 'welcome' going in and 'goodbye' walking out. Boom.
  4. When newscasts show overweight people walking down the street, only from the neck down... how many people embarrassingly realize, "Oh shit, that was me."
  5. If 1-800-Collect is still a thing? And if anyone remembers those Mr. T commercials?
  6. When discussing dinner options, do families in other countries ponder "American food" alongside Chinese, Italian, or Mediterranean options?
  7. On the list of cringeworthy words, 'frothy' blows 'moist' out of the water.
  8. Speaking of water, that self-driving boats will be a thing of the future too.
  9. If I'll ever have a more favorite quote than, "The world is my country and to do good is my religion."
  10. 2017. Halfway done. Yep.