"Another one." -DJ Khaled
  1. Is a Venus Fly Trap a face plant?
  2. If you should veer from wearing red shirts at Target, should you beer from wearing blue vests at Walmart for the same reason?
  3. How there aren't more lottery winner ransoms. Or, do we even hear about them and they happen all the time?
  4. How I thought oatmeal cream pies were good for me growing up and housed like 3 at a time.
  5. Speaking of housing, how my first 🏡 purchase will have multiple bidets throughout them. Using toilet paper is gross.
  6. The intensity of the roller blade race down "Devil's Backbone" at the end of the movie Airborne. (Jack Black was more aerodynamic then)
  7. When 'Till The World Ends' by Britney plays on the airwaves in an alcohol-rampant social setting = girls absolutely lose their lids.
  8. When people say "stick to acting" or "stick to sports", how about you stick to mundanity.
  9. Are we done discovering and naming new colors?
  10. If a more-advanced future species will display fossilized skeletal remains of us Homo Sapiens in museums.
  11. How people complain about the high cost of postage stamps and how I think they should even cost more.
  12. Write out 0, 1, 2, up to the number 9. You can easily make each number into an 8.
  13. Go hug someone. Bye. 👋🏻