Eighty to ninety percent of the brainpower I exert on a typical day of mine involves random thoughts. I started to write them down. This day was December 17, 2015.
  1. How in texts, that simply saying "Haha" is almost dismissive, but add just an extra "ha" and saying "Hahaha" expresses complete and utter hilarity.
  2. That the third hand of a clock is the second-hand. And the second hand is the minute-hand. Ok, my brain hurts.
  3. Just like the Four Corners Park where you can lay in four different states simultaneously (CO/NM/AZ/UT), is there a designed place where you can lay in the tri-state of PA/WV/OH or PA/WV/MD?
  4. Can there be lowercase numbers?
  5. In Step Brothers, that their theory to make room for activities was ultimately debunked
  6. What I call, "Infinity Scenarios".
    i.e., when you hold up a mirror to another mirror and it's a tunnel of endless reflections (or) an actor that plays an actor in a movie, and that actor plays an actor (or) someone on TV, and behind them is a TV showing that live broadcast of them on TV (or) you holding a picture of you holding that picture (or) Pittsburgh's Point Park fountain (or) Jane Seymour's open heart jewelry (or) that freaking Lamb Chop song
  7. That I'm practically a Buddhist monk when it comes to getting rid of a single insect. I'll literally grab and cradle it and take it outside rather than smashing it. All life is precious, yo.
  8. When Mambo #6 is coming out?
  9. How the level of support among Republicans who deny the Evolution Theory is somehow two-thirds.
  10. How people love to debate about past/current/future Presidents, whether Democrat or Republican, yet never mention that gerrymandered-elected Congressmen (and women) will always be ever more concerned with self-preservation and will always gridlock any motion for the passing of commonsense bipartisan legislation. Yes I watch HOC and my rant is over.
  11. How I'm still unsure of how to spell "separate" - it always doesn't look right to me.
  12. How the line "To get her spells together" hasn't been used in a sappy chick flick yet, or T.Swift song.
  13. How I couldn't wonder up number thirteen this time. Be good yinz.