This might be the most important emoji update since.... well. Since ever. Add your favorites!
  1. 🤓
    I mean just look at this guy!
  2. 🤔
    We've needed a *strokes chin* for awhile.
  3. 🤖
    Because it kinda looks like he's wearing a mini top hat?
  4. 👁
    Super creepy single eye. Into it!
  5. 🦁
    Will come in handy when writing the Wizard of Oz in emoji.
  6. 🦄
    Good for writing about overvalued startups.
  7. 🕷
    People in LA needed a scarier spider for communicating fear of black widows.
  8. 🦃
    Seriously cannot wait for Thanksgiving now.
  9. 🧀
    I would have maybe preferred a hunk of cheddar but I'll take it.
  10. 🌮
    We've been waiting long enough, haven't we??!?
  11. 🚠
    This is how you tell people you're going to Roosevelt Island.
  12. 🕍
    Well, shit.
  13. And so many new flags!!!
  14. 🕴
    rude boy exclamation mark, brought over from Microsoft webdings with origins in 90s ska-nerdery!
    Suggested by @elizeliz