I wasn't in the best mood so I wanted to remind myself that some nice things happened today anyway. Here are those things.
  1. I saw Judy Blume talk about her new book
    She is lovely and funny and adorable, and told funny stories like about the time she asked her kids' pediatrician how old a boy who had wet dreams would be for THEN AGAIN, MAYBE I WON'T and he said "he can be 12 if he's Italian," so she made the protagonist Italian.
  2. I had tea and ice cream with a new friend.
    Who is cool and owns her own business and is a boss in every sense of the word. Also the ice cream was delicious.
  3. Earl Grey tea latte with almond milk.
  4. I listened to the first two episodes of the new season of The Startup podcast.
    I love this podcast. Actually I love all of Gimlet Media's podcasts and I can't wait for the next episode of Mystery Show.
  5. I drove home from the Judy Blume event in 15 minutes.
    Driving on freeways when there's no traffic is the best thing. Also such a tease.
  6. Writing this list actually made me feel better.