I've been in Santa Fe for six days. It's been pretty great.
  1. I've written a bunch of words
    I came here to work on a book that has nothing to do with my job-job. One of the things that has been motivating me is the thought of how pissed future me will be at present me if I don't get anything done.
  2. I've cooked a lot...
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    I've been making variations on a cauliflower fried rice dish that at first was really giving me the farts but that seems to have subsided, thank god. Also making a lot of date smoothies.
  3. ...but also have eaten good New Mexican food.
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    Pasqual's is as good as people said it was.
  4. I've gone to yoga twice.
    One vinyasa class, one yin class. That's been the extent of my exercise and I feel good about it.
  5. I had dinner with a friend from high school.
    She worked in reality TV in LA for 9 years and lives here now and is a massage therapist. She's doing it right, I think. It was great to see her.
  6. I went to 10,000 Waves.
    This is a Japanese spa that happens to be up the street from where I'm staying. It's wonderful. I got a private tub and soaked naked for an hour, then he a hot stone massage and a facial. Highly recommend.
  7. I finished "Down the Rabbit Hole."
    This is Holly Madison's book about living in the Playboy Mansion. My takeaway: Hugh Hefner is a monster!
  8. I started reading "A Little Life."
    I can already tell Hanya Yanagihara's book is going to DESTROY me.
  9. I went to a chamber music concert.
    In an attempt to do something ~cultural~. It was... fine? I was going to leave at intermission and then there wasn't an intermission.
  10. I've been sleeping exactly 9 hours a night.
    This has been cool and slightly eerie - I decided not to set an alarm and every morning I've been waking up literally exactly 9 hours after I go to sleep. I guess my body is trying to tell me something? Which might have something to do with the fact that...
  11. I've stopped drinking coffee.
    I don't know if this will last, or if I even want it to, but I've been drinking tea exclusively and I haven't died. Which for an ex-4-to-5 cups a day person is pretty spectacular.
  12. While I write I've been listening almost exclusively to this one playlist on Spotify
    Called "electronic study music." I like listening to music while I work but it CANNOT have words so this is perfect. It's chill without trying to put me to sleep.
  13. I miss my boo.
    I love being alone but I still miss him! He was gone for a week before I left and I'm not coming home for 5 more days so this is the longest we've ever been apart. So missing him is hard but feels good because what if I didn't miss him??!?!?