Just a few I've really been enjoying! But always looking for new ones, so please suggest your favorites as well.
  1. Mystery Show
    @starlee solves a (weird, fun) mystery every week. The Britney episode might be my favorite so far — so poignant and funny and featuring an amazing phone call with a Ticketmaster customer service rep.
  2. Another Round
    Two of the funniest, smartest ladies in podcasting - I work with them at BuzzFeed so I'm admittedly biased, but it's true. Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu talk about race, sex, careers, and a million other things with great guests like Issa Rae, @Durga, Roxane Gay, and more.
  3. Criminal
    One story about a crime or criminal each week. Giving me my fix while I wait for Serial S2.
  4. Mortified
    The podcast version of the Mortified live show, where people read passages from their high school diaries. I listened to a great one the other day about a girl who dated her high school's football coach, which went just about as well as you might expect.
  5. Death, Sex, Money
    Haven't been able to forget that episode on cheaters.
  6. America's Test Kitchen
    Their "hot or not" segment on kitchen gadgets may deserve its own podcast.
  7. Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs
    I am the most biased about this one bc my fiancé is hosting it (with Kevin Smith), but this is the new Frasier podcast you probably didn't know you needed. I learned a lot about sitcom history in the first episode! And now might need to binge the Dick Van Dyke show.
  8. Eater Upsell
    Gossipy, behind-the-scenes dish (sorry) with chefs.