House Plants I've Managed to Kill

  1. Fiddleleaf Fig
    Bought on Valentine's Day, dead by Independence Day. One high maintenance, expensive SOB.
  2. Money Tree
    There must be some symbolism here.
  3. Peace Lilly
    "Toxic to cats." I suspect my cat took care of this one herself.
  4. Palm Plant
    Didn't stand a chance. Cat friendly? = cat delicacy
  5. Jade Plant
    Low maintenance, my ass.
  6. Spider Plant
    Returned from vacation to a crispy sun-fried mess.
  7. Terrarium
    Honestly didn't think this was even possible. It's MOSS that lives in a GLASS HOUSE. It also had a tiny little figurine doing yoga, so I probably killed her chakra too.
  8. bonsai
    It was a gift from a horrible person, so I let it die, which I guess makes me terrible too, but I promise the giver was way worse.
    Suggested by   @dave
  9. Air plant (three of them)
    People keep giving me these as gifts and I can assure you that claims of their indestructibility are greatly exaggerated.
    Suggested by   @sloan
  10. An orange tree
    It was on life support against its will
    Suggested by   @furtadomf