2015 RECAP

Some memorable stuff that happened this year in chronological order
  1. β€’
    1.18: Madame Tussaud's
    Went for 1D, but literally took pics w/everything. Good LA trip. Went to the flea market &amoeba
  2. β€’
    1.30: Graduating from beauty school
    1600 hours later.. ✌🏽️
  3. β€’
    1.31: Suburban Gothic screening
    Midnight showing. We got to see MGG in real life.. 😍
  4. β€’
    2.17: Becoming a licensed cosmetologist
    Probably one of my biggest accomplishments.. &The most stressful day ever. Slept at a hotel by myself &ate nothing all day. Had the worst headache.
  5. β€’
    4.12: Moving
    Realized how much crap we all have. Last day at the house. Moved just two streets away &downsized
  6. β€’
    5.17: DragCon
    Got to see a lot of my fave queens. I was able to get pics w/Adore, Pearl, &Manila.
  7. β€’
    6.8: New hair
    Half &half w/bangs. Decided to start growing out my shaved side. Might keep this for a while. Also don't want to have to draw a new logo.. Haha.
  8. β€’
    7.15: The Pink Wall
    Literally my fave pic. Also went to Alfred's &the Bates Motel. Good pic day.
  9. β€’
    7.17: Getting tickets from Nathan Fast
    Literally the day before the show. How fucking cool is that?
  10. β€’
    7.19-21: Las Vegas
    Mini reunion. First time driving there w/Marj. Left after the 5sos sd show. Spent a whole day just doing hair. The Neon Museum was so cool. I wanna go back. Saw the Las Vegas sign for the first time? I think cause we've never taken pics in front of it before.
  11. β€’
    8.17: Vevo Certified Live
    We. Got. Barricade. &That guy that was in front of me the WHOLE time.πŸŒ› This day was literally all in good timing. Guitar pics &set list . πŸŽΈπŸ“ƒ
  12. β€’
    10.23: 5sos show/signing
    Literally waited forever to see them perform 5 songs... Bless when Hot Topic recorded the part when I walked up to them during the signing, considering we weren't able to have our phones out. "BIZZNES CAHD"
  13. β€’
    10.31 Halloween
    The Recess Gang. Still not over this. We looked SO cool.
  14. β€’
    11.19: 1D on Kimmel
    Couldn't see shit considering we were literally in the back, but hearing their new songs live &singing along made up for it. The last time I'll see 1D in who knows how long..
  15. β€’
    11.21: Cosmoprof reposting my pic on insta
    It's cool to get recognized.. Especially since I'm just starting out &just working from home. Defs a confidence booster.