Things I should really do/stick to this year:
  1. Get. A. Job.
    Like seriously.....
  2. Floss everyday.
  3. Makeup.
    Learn how to apply my makeup better.. Maybe start wearing eyeshadow?? Buy a matte palette. Invest in a good foundation.
  4. Eat better
    Juice cleanse? 1 cup of rice. No seconds. Less red meat...
  5. Exercise
    Put the damn treadmill to good use. At least go walking or something..
  6. Grow hair.
    At least have shaved side get past the shoulder. Grow bangs??
  7. Learn a new hair/beauty technique each month
    Try to take classes. Possibly get certified to do hair extensions, threading, eyelash extensions
  8. Save money.
    After getting job, put money into savings.