Some people I frequently see and adore.
  1. The punk kid.
    Blue hair and a daily worn outfit that consists of: a dangerously studded and patched vest, a belt fashioned out of real police caution tape, very uncomfortably tight jeans that may have rid him of his fertility.
  2. Homeless may #1
    Sits outside Marion Square holding a sign that says "will wash dishes for food." I have given lots of thought to this sign. 1. Doesn't that mean you can wash dishes as a job? And gain money instead? Which can be applied to anything? 2. You realize that your outfits change everyday, correct? 3. My dude, would that mean you would follow the person home to wash theie dishes? Very dangerous. Serial killers still exist.
  3. Eye-patch bae @ Lebanese restaurant.
    I may have found your facebook and instagram and know a lot about you. But alas, I am satisfied with just staring at you through the window. Keep shaking them martinis, Tino. (How'd you get that eyepatch?)
  4. The sailor from Bermuda
    Ugh. Yes. Just...ugh.
  5. Bill Murray
    I swear to god. He lives here. I'm so serious.
  6. The redhead girl.
    She ain't no ordinary redhead, she's part black so she has beautiful curls. Her skin is porcelain white but her facial feautures are african. She needs to be a model.