Drive to this. You'll find yourself in a state of bliss. Do it for me since I don't have a car.
  1. Soul to Squeeze by RHCP
    That riff doe. Frusciante always does a good job.
  2. Take it Easy by The Eagles
    Yes, the Eagles. "Don't let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy"
  3. The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
    This song is an acoustic pat on the back.
  4. Eyes to the Wind by The War on Drugs
    I made the mistake of driving to this during a beautiful sunset. May have cried. Idk.
  5. No Rain by Blind Melon
    So good.
  6. Notion by Kings of Leon
    It was my best friend's 18th birthday. We were at a very highpoint overlooking a football field. This song played and something just felt so good about it.
  7. Float On by Modest Mouse
    There's a trend in these songs and it's that theyre all so encouraging.
  8. Rearview by Bad Suns
    Catch me dancing to this in my bedroom.
  9. Young Blood by Coasta
    Patiently waiting for these guys to release new music.
  10. Hey Hey What Can I Do by Led Zeppelin
    Equivalent to hot chocolate on a cold night.
  11. Alive by Pearl Jam
    Try hitting every note. I dare you.
  12. What I Got by Sublime
    Met a guy who didn't know what Sublime was once.