Hello yes I am back from my disinterested-based hiatus
  1. Spanish
    I mean I covered all the grammatical stuff but my vocab ain't that expansive. Pero me encanta. Y me gusta tratar de hablarlo.
  2. Italian
    I'm getting real cocky in italian 101. I must honor my ancestors. Though I do wish I still had spanish in my life. I dig the lack of upside down punctuation. Ti senti?
  3. German
    I don't know anything about German. I've never taken german. I met a german and tried to say welcome to america to him and did so poorly. Its because my friend lives in germany ugh im so annoying.
  4. Latin
    Ya gurl is a pro at decoding latin phrases. Still don't know anything about it tho.
  5. English
    Lowkey still don't know how to spell privilege or necessary.