A few observations. Of course I know it's NnOt aLl mEnn
  1. When they say they want to cuddle, they really don't mean it
    Wow I'm so gullible.
  2. They are crazier than girls
    K when they fall in love, they fall HARD. Like 'let's talk about after graduation' kind of love.
  3. Boys that don't want you to hang out with their friends, don't want you wholesome-ly
  4. Boys that are self concious, are easily triggered
    And if they don't really understand your perspective or even sense of humor, you're going to have to do a lot of explaining and apologizing
  5. Genuine affection does not come easily and trust is something that must be earned
    Of course first impressions are stemmed from our selfish biological need for healthy offspring, it's normal for early beginnings to be vain. Be careful, always be careful that you both see eye to eye. Also, trust in terms that this relationship will do nothing but better your life.