So much personal growth😱😱😱
  1. Grace doesn't have to be so polished.
    It doesn't have to be effortless. You can be graceful by simply being compassionate, warm, and kind.
  2. If you radiate positivity, everyone will like you.
    On a metaphysical level. Really.
  3. While living life one day at a time is important, you always need to keep objectivity in mind.
  4. Life is what you make it.
    Those days you want to sulk are days you have to put everything into perspective. Step back and try to realize all the applicable clichés you can use to make yourself feel better.
  5. Never go into anything with expectations.
    Don't target something. Don't hope for something. Just do. Be your quintessential self. Be open-minded.
  6. Treat yo self.
    Self-care is so important. Indulging is so important. You are important. Treat yourself kindly.
  7. 3 week hump
    This can be applied to anything.
  8. The speed at which someone comes into your life is the speed that they will leave at.