is my safe haven. There are no secrets here.
  1. I wonder how many times I've came home smelling like weed thinking I didn't. (Probably all the time)
    Posting this tweet is dangerous bc my mom has a twitter and I don't wanna be one of those lames that protects their tweets. But this thought is too good to forget.
  2. An alarm clock that emulates your mother's gentle nudge that wakes you up.
    I forgot what state of mind I was in when I thought of this. Probably after I just woke up at 6am. My alarm tone is too fucking harsh. 😫
  3. Red hot chili vapers
    As much as I love the Chili Peppers they seem like the band to vape.
  4. You mix that pinoy with that guido get a Lauren Gabbaaaa
    I was afraid no one would read it to the tune of Formation. But conveniently it is my new bio :-)