These were mostly decided when I was very young. I've gone a very long time without knowing what I wanted to be during my teen years.
  1. A doctor
    As someone with a filipino mom, this career path has been drilled into my head since the day I was born. If you didn't know, most filipinos come to america by becoming nurses. They can only hope their offspring follow in their footsteps but become doctors so they can be financially secure. "Lorén, you can take care ob me and dah-di when we get old"
  2. A lawyer
    I had this really smart pseudo-friend in 4th grade who was an aspiring lawyer and I was easily impressionable so of course I wanted to be like her. She hated me though :/
  3. A writer
    I discovered my knack for writing in 4th grade along with my pseudo best friend. We kinda competed in class. We either volunteered to read our stories or we would kinda make sure everyone knew we were writers. All I can say is that I won a spot in a newspaper and she didn't.
  4. An artist
    I always liked drawing. Kinda always sucked at it. Kinda hoped people would take it as contemporary.
  5. A botanist
    An elementary science experiment where we would grow seedlings is what sparked this fascination with plants.
  6. A singer
    This goes back to my filipino roots and competitiveness. My family really likes karaoke. And I have a cousin who is my age. When we were little we would sing/scream Dancing Queen and boast if we got the higher score. Ya best believe I once got a 99.
  7. Currently: a cosmeceutical biochemist.
    Researching and developing your antiaging serums is what I'm about. I've always liked playing in my mom's makeup and mixing together household items. (My fav was making 'cement' out of baby powder) I like natural home remedies and I like makeup. Can't imagine changing my mind.