What didn't quite match up with reality
  1. Cube was present at the recording of boyz in the hood
    Cube was actually in Arizona at an vocational school for architectural draftsman when boyz was recorded and was surprised that one of his songs had made it big when he returned
  2. Dre approached Eazy about starting ruthless records
    Eazy actually approached Dre after bailing him out of jail for to many unpaid parking tickets
  3. The chance encounter with Jerry Heller
    Eazy actually paid another artist for an introduction to Jerry with the intent of recruiting him to be their manager
  4. Both Dre and Cube had agreed to do a reunion
    Reality is that Eazy had only talked to cube who had gone as far as to say that if Dre was in he was in but Dre was never really approached (Eazy found out he had AIDS) and certainly never agreed