Seems like it would take a long time to decide if someone is swipe-right-able, but most of these judgements are made on a subconscious level. Sorry if any apply to you..
  1. Too young
    I don't want to date a college student who's binge drinking with their parents' money
  2. Too old
    Also not trying to self-induce an anxiety attack over the fact that my potential bf has a stable, full-time job and I do not
  3. Wears sunglasses in every picture
    I don't want any surprises in person
  4. Neglects to write anything in their bio
    Again, don't want any surprises
  5. Writes a very formal bio about their likes/dislikes/schooling/living situation
    "French boy in the U.S. 🇫🇷 Northeastern. Loves the outdoors. 🌿 Loves dogs. 🐶 Environmental science Ph. D. 🤓 MIA✈️BOS."
  6. Uses emojis in abundance
    See above
  7. Writes a douchebag bio
    "Jimmy Carter in the streets, Bill Clinton in the sheets."
  8. Has no pictures with other friends
    This renders me unable to judge height and/or the quality of their social life
  9. Puts a pickup line in bio
    I'm not motivated enough to message you and get the subpar answer (sometimes though, I Google the pickup line to find out. Social interaction averted)
  10. Puts Snapchat account in their bio
    Idk I just find this unclassy
  11. I see that they have "super-liked" me
    Too aggressive, dude
  12. Uses the word "enthusiast"
    Though it may be four syllables, it does not make you sound particular
  13. Blatantly appeals to women
    Claims he is a "great cook" or a "wine enthusiast" (again, refer to above)
  14. Explains in bio that a girl in his pictures is a sister/cousin
    If you have to say this, either take less intimate family photos or choose to exclude that particular image from your profile
  15. Has a selfie that looks like he put too much effort into capturing
  16. BONUS
    Will 'unmatch' with you if your first message is sex-related