1. Actress/ powerful evil queen
    That was the only role that I played as a child.
  2. Teacher
    My little passage as a six-year-old girl wanting to boss everyone of my imaginary students around. When my uncle gave me a board and a chalk, it was over. I was the boss!!
  3. Fashion designer
    Every girl's dream job at one point or another.
  4. Interior designer
    8-9 years-old me was so exited to flip through the IKEA's annual catalogue. Remember that egg swivel chair that was so popular? I wanted that. Never got it.
  5. Filmmaker, photographer, writer
    As of now, this is what I see nyself doing. I wanna make art. Make people feel something.
  6. Psychologist
    This is my plan B. The human mind fascinates me.
  7. Mom
    The most important of them all. I am more certain of this than any other aspect of my identity. I want to be a mother one day. I hope I get to.